Saturday, December 29, 2012

Taking On a Great Adventure Part 2

As it turns out... I didn't win the Create Songwriter contest.'s the song I submitted and here's where I scored.

To Him Be the Glory Forever and Ever (Yea, tho I walk) D.R.D.
Oh Lord my Shepherd I shall not
Want nothing more,
nothing less
You bless me to lie in green pastures
And lead me by the still waters of rest
You restoreth my soul in the evening
And lead me down righteous paths for Your Name
So whom shall we fear? God is with us!
Tell me of whom we dare be afraid!

And yea- tho I walk
Through the valley
And yea – tho the
Darkness surrounds
Greater is He who is in me
(yes) Greater is Jesus, I’ve found

Oh Lord, Your rod’s still a comfort
You keep Your true sheep to the fold
Please make us to rise to be one voice
Cause it’s long overdue to be bold
Countless are tables before me
In the presence of my enemies everyday
And countless my head You’ve anointed
My cup runneth over
You’ve never failed me

Yea tho I walk through this valley
I will not stumble around
The strength from my Savior sustains me
Cause the blood of Lord Jesus abounds
And yea tho the darkness may find me
In this late time that wicked must hound
I will fear no evil before me
Cause the blood of Lord Jesus abounds

So Lord, I will fight this good fight
So what if they swallow me whole?
The God Who delivers from lions, and
Fires, and flood
Owns my soul
(repeat Chor2)

So surely Your goodness and mercy
Will follow me all of my days
And in Your House, Lord
I will dwell forever
But until then,
Daily I’ll give all my praise!
(repear Chors)

And in the blood of Lord Jesus – I’m found
Because the blood of Lord Jesus still abounds

To hear a draft vocal of the song, click below. Yes. I am aware I cannot sing. :)

My Sound Cloud Page

And....Here's my results paper.

Ha ha. Just Kidding. In case you can't read that. Each score was graded on a 1-3 scale from least to greatest in that order. With the grading of 'rarely,' 'sometimes' and 'consistently.'
Here's what I got 1 through 7.
1- (1) The song rarely stands out conceptually
2 - (3) The song consistently has good structure and form
3 - (2) The melody is sometimes memorable and likeable
4 - (1) The song rarely is poignant, witty or clever
5 - (2) The song is sometimes believable
6 - (3) The song consistently has good phrasing
7 - (2) The song sometimes stands out from the pack

So... I think I got about a "B" or "C" if you were to convert that to a score. "3s" are best. "1s" are worst.

So that's all for this post. Thanks for reading. :) :)

Also, winners will be announced December 31, 2012. Pre-Congrats to them! So keep an eye on this site. They may list my song among all the entries. :)

Have a great weekend!

Deb Dickson
Facebook DJ and all that business... :)