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John Tibbs and Facebook DJ Deb - Artist Exclusive : 1-on-1

Well Bloggees… You should recognize that name; John Tibbs. After all, early this year I did a blog piece about my entry into his Run Wild In My Soul EP cover art contest. (click here for my earlier blog). (Much to my dismay, I did not win. However, the best man did! You'll see the mountain picture below and know why)...

Well! I recently got to catch up with John via email about where he is in his journey. 

So…John, before we get into the nitty gritty of your current Kickstarter Campaign, your album plans, and your tour schedule… Let’s get the readers acquainted with you.

John Tibbs Brief Bio
Hi Debbie, I’m a singer/song-writer. I have a beautiful, loving wife [Emily Tibbs. Follow her on Twitter for amazingly encouraging health and wellness tweets! @EmilySueTibbs on Twitter; Editor's note]. And I love Jesus.

Q – Aside from that, how long have you been recording music in the church?
A- I’ve been playing in the church ever since I was a small kid.  My first album released in 2010!

Q- When did you decide to quit your job and go full-fledged committed to a recording/traveling schedule? And what went into that decision (i.e. prayer, family discussion, epiphany, etc.)
A- I was leading worship at the church and traveling on the side. I began to get called a lot to travel. I had to choose. It was a tough decision, but I definitely feel like I’m right where I need to be.

Q – On your Twitter page you have this quote:
“Music inspired by Mountains and Big Skies. For fans of Gungor, Mumford and Sons, & Jonsi. Get my new EP for free:
I previously got in on the free music offer earlier this year and very much enjoyed Swallowing Death Breathing Life. But…I heard you are in the studio for a new album… Is this the album for which you ran the cover contest in January this year (“Run Wild (In My Soul)”)?
A- Nope. That was a single. It’s on iTunes. This is an entirely separate project. However, it won’t happen if the Kickstarter campaign is not fully funded. So I’m working hard raising the support for that!
Okay…now that they are up to speed…let’s talk about your new project.
Q- At what stage are you in writing, recording, production , etc.?
A- All the songs have been written. Just working on the funds to book the studio, musicians, etc.

Q- Tell us a little bit about the KickStarter Campaign?; What influenced you to choose a Kickstarter campaign?; and when does it end?
A- I am trying to raise $15k in 30 days. I started June 1, so it will end July 1.  I love Kickstarter. It gives such an incredible opportunity to connect to your friends and fans.  Right now I am an independent artist – meaning I do not have a label lending me thousands of dollars to record and support these songs. So I am counting on the people who like my music to ensure that it happens!

Q- Are you excited to get out on tour? Your schedule appears to reflect Indiana (your home state) and surrounding Midwestern states (MI, AL, NE, etc.). Are you accepting any churches around the U.S. that are interested in booking you?
A- Yes, definitely. I was just in Phoenix. Anyone who would like to worship with me and these songs – I’m game.

Q- How can interested churches contact you for booking a concert? 

A- It’s a very easy process. Email:
And now – for the Facebook DJ Five. The Five Questions I ask everyone I interview... 
Q – In 5 words or less, who/what is your target audience? 

A- People who like music.
Q- What is the mission of your music/songs? 

A- To be authentic and real
Q- What result would you want to see happen by the listeners of your songs? (5 yrs, 10 yrs, tomorrow?) 

A- People encounter Jesus.
Q- What’s your life Bible scripture right now?

A- ‘Power, Love, Holy Spirit’
[This stems from  2nd Timothy 1:7 (pasted from which is]
New International Version (NIV)
"For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline."

Q- Who is Jesus to you?
A- My saviour
So you are on
Q - Do you have any other social media, email or snail mail connections? 
A- Would love for people to join my mailing list on my blog:

Q - Thanks to John Tibbs for the interview. Here's what he would like to share with the readers in closing...
A- I would love and appreciate any support you can give to this Kickstarter campaign.  You can stream my music on the page to hear what you’re buying into. Thanks in advance!

Pssst! ... Here is an update on where John was at in his campaign on Wednesday (6-19-13)...

Hi friends ... as of tomorrow, we will have 10 days left in this Kickstarter campaign!
We are 43% funded so far ... another 57% to go! Again, if we do not reach our full goal by July 1st, I do not get any of the pledges. It is so important that this happens. This EP will mark a significant chapter for this ministry. I can't do it without you!!
Please help me raise awareness about this Kickstarter. Send people to the page and show them your favorite package option.
We can do this!!

Come on fans! Let's help John Tibbs make a JOYFUL NOISE for the Lord by sharing his Kickstarter link on Facebook, Twitter, and wherever else you find yourself on social media ONCE A DAY this week! He's only about $8,300 away from his goal!!! And he's got 8 days from the writing of this article before his campaign ENDS! Let's help him make it! #1KaDay! Let's Go! :) Get out there and Tweet it up! :) Here's the link:  ...AND DONATE!  .. I did! :) :) :) :)

[UPDATE: Tibbs made his Kickstarter goal weighing in just a lil over needed at $15,556 and counting! Thank you for all your sharing, prayers and support! - Editor's note 6/30/13]

Album Art and photos provided by John Tibbs 
Check out his latest at
And this has been your Artist Exclusive 1-on-1 with Facebook DJ Deb and John Tibbs! 

Tune in next time on this same Blog Page for something else! Very awesome I’m sure! 

Chatta’ Latta!

Facebook DJ Deb

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