The Fashion Faux (Fox)

February 27, 2016 New Looks. Great Deals!

Deb the Fashion Faux took a trip to the hairdresser in January...She was pleased.
Invented by Deb The Fashion Faux! Performed by Sam Brown's Institute! 
I dreamed up the cut I wanted! A little shorter above one brow, please...

I asked for a snip here and a trim there... 

Layered, Edgey and Freestyle - Uneven on purpose!

I call it 
The Debbie

 And at home... 




Jacket pictured: Ivory Calvin Klein Performane Quick Dry SmartPhone Pocket, found on sale at Macy's in Pittsburgh! Less than $17.00! 
Tank: Maurices (Fall 2014) (was on sale for 50% when purchased. Always a good staple underpiece)
Brown/Ivory Striped Tassel Scarf: Wal-Mart (Summer 2014) (was 60% off, light-weight and pulls brown story together if worn with tapered jeans, or jeggings and brown knee-high boots - Not pictured). 
Hair: Sam Brown's Institute (in Gerbes Shopping Center off Ash in COMO). Permenant Color N-5 Chocolate Brown. (It fades if you let it go, though. So don't let that stop you from trying!). Cut & Color. A Great Buy! 

NOTE: I had already used my morning skincare Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair and Advanced Time Zone moisturizer at the top of the day before my hair appointment. Lips shown at salon are Estee Lauder Rubellite Shimmer

MakeUp: Estee Lauder Resilience Lift compact. Sponge compacts are best applied when patted or rolled onto face from sponge, and then swept along contours. Don't forget to powder with brush after applying to set the foundation.

DoubleWear Eyeshadow BaseSumptuous Extreme MascaraPure Color HeatWave Illuminating Powder Gelee or Allover Shimmer (in contours), With small firm foundation brush; Apply Double Wear Eyeshadow Base all over lids, line nasal bridge, and up to brows. Use heatwave shimmer with sponge applicator on eyelids. Lay gold on thick. Use Pure Color Cyber Ice Cyber Metallic Eyeshadow (limited edition, find online!) under eyebrows and blend into crease with Heatwave gold. 

For Deep, Subtle Smoky Corners...
Blackened Cocoa Pure Color Kajal Eyeliner. Make a 'chevron' or "<" ">" curved strokes of eyeliner along outer corners of lids up into creases. Blend shadow softly from inner eyes out, and liner up to brows and repeat brush over curved strokes to finish look. Gently dust kajal into eyebrows and sweep with eyebrow brush or toothbrush. 

Splendid Slendor Cheeks...
Rebel Rose Satin Blush. Bring from highest peak of cheekbone to natural curve of frontal cheeks. This narrows the face and draws attention away from central redness if you have fair complexion or uneven tones. 

Defined Reserved Lips...
Double Wear Tawny Stay-In Place Lip Pencil. Pure Color Rose Tea Creme Long Lasting Lipstick. Ensure pencil is sharpened with an Estee Lauder or Clinique make-up sharpener. Start along Cupid's Bow of lips with lip pencil held diagonally to mark an "X". With open mouth, draw along natural lip outlines starting from tips of "X" and finishing top lip edges. Close mouth to a resting "uh" position. Begin at central bottom lip to highlight your bottom lip's natural apex. Bring lines back from apex to meet corners of mouth at upper lip on both sides. Fill in lips with Pure Color Rose Tea following inside same pattern as just used with pencil. Use pointed tip of lipstick like a rolled marker at cupid's bow each time, and this will maintain your lipstick's sharpness, and make it easier to keep well-defined cupids bows. 

Blended Finish!
Finish overall face contours with Double Matte Oil-Control Pressed Powder using the large Estee Lauder Blush Brush
Pull together your OWN looks by watching for Estee Lauder's quarterly Free Gift with purchases! Purchase starting at just $35! Find Estee Lauder cosmetics at Macys, Dillard's and!

That is all.

Fashion Faux (Fox) Deb out!

***                                      ***                                     ***                              *** 

Refreshing ReLaunch of The Fashion Faux (Fox)

February 27, 2016
Fashion Faux (Fox) New Original Art (above) and Story (below) by Deborah R. Dickson
The mysterious fox whom stands ready on the cutting edge for what's trending. She is bold. She is audacious. She is the epitomy of fashion maven. She moves more swiftly than the changing trends and if you watch her carefully you will notice she wields a cosmetic brush in her right paw! 

Run! Catch her quickly! Lest she slip into the wood for the next best daring design! 

Light on her feet with hidden stilettos, she searches her world ever vigilent for what to expect. She keeps one eye on the The Old Hawk to avoid its clutches of yesteryear sprinting through streamwaters of bold living color! 

She has learned well to avoid the Glades of the Same and Seen. And she reaches  mountain slopes afforest with finest ideas. Her senses awaken with the newness of the morning each time her mind is revived with creative wonder. 

That is all. 

Fashion Faux (Fox) Deb 

by Deborah R. Dickson 


June 30, 2013

(Yes. We know it means Fake. But we pronounce it Fox on this blog!) 

(Yep. It should rhyme with Toe)


Cute. But not for that amount.... I noticed these little beauties marked still at $3.00 a piece in the dead of SUMMER! ...



Some people just don't GET fashion!









That is all. 

Fashion Faux (Fox) Deb 



Yep. A new social media forum. BRAND SPANKIN NEW!

It's called "...Ology"! And I have already blazed the trail and gotten on it.

This just had to be noted.

That is all.

Fashion Faux





 April 18, 2013

(Yes. We know it means Fake. But we pronounce it Fox on this blog!) 

(Yep. It should rhyme with Toe)

Mmmhmm... It's okay to admit it. I've been called a "fashion maven" and a "trendsetter." No lie. It's just my credentials.

So. This is the page on the blog where I hand out my latest and fauxiest fashion sense!

Last year ya'll might have been around when I predicted on Facebook that the leather frills would come in. (and I was riiight).

So - this year's trend I have noted is. Mish Mash. And when I say that... I mean mixing and matching. Putting together patterns on patterns and layering stuff that would otherwise make you go... "Yuck!"

But - I think it's in ta' stay for a while... so. Get. Used. To. It.

That is all.

Fashion Faux (Fox)


(Clip Art Courtesy of Microsoft Office 2007 Word.Thank you, Mr. Gates!)

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