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Sunday, September 15, 2013

 (Post updated 2-27-2016)

(This page/post was moved from Home to give space for important stuff, like my author/artist interviews. Thanks for your previous 35 views and for visiting!)

Since I've traveled to many concerts, around my current home state and beyond, and because I often traipse through many a social networks reporting about entertainers, or following reviews, this page seemed needed to show past and present real-world and e-world legwork.

This is a post recapping and dedicated to All those artists, authors, writers, directors, etc. that I have met from concert-going and other ancient and recent quests. I am very thankful to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for the privilege of meeting this community of brothers and sisters when I did or did not need it most. Maybe you'll find yourself here. ;) God is good. That is all. - BlogTraveler Deb


No, I am not selling this stack on eBay. With the exception of Geoff Moore (my favorite musician) those represented more than once were from multiple encounters. You can see, some have signed their pics of them and me. :)

You may know this collage from another post of mine.

Deb and Brandon Heath. Springfield. Oct. 2012.
Photo courtesy of Heath's people.

Micah and Deb. Springfield. Oct. 2012
Deb and Andrew Peterson. Photo courtesy of nervous fan.

Dara Maclean and Deb. Columbia. March, 2013.

I love these guys. Jars of Clay and Deb. Lake Ozarks. June '07.

I met our college mascot. By being him. That's me in there. :)

Yes! Elvis WAS alive in Vegas! I knew it!

Oh, lookie... I met them again October 2013! (they signed my study guide!)

I may have other pics lying around...but these are those I had quick access to. Over the years, I have received other autographs, but through the course of time, I have unfortunately LOST (poof!) those said autographs. ... and this isn't just a 'big fish' story. Honest!

If memory of order suits me...Complete list by year of artists I have met:
Duplicated names mean multiple encounters. :) 

1996 - Call-ins via the radio show Music City Sunday with Rich Tiner and the Famous:Two Or More, Virtue, Geoff Moore
1998 - Wes King, Scott and Christine Dente (Out of the Grey), Wisdom's Cry (AKA the Rowdens from Columbia, MO)
1999 - Clay Crosse, Heather Miller, Wisdom's Cry, Aaron <> Jeoffrey, Jeff Silvey, Big Tent Revival, Mark Schultz, Greg Long
2000 - Mark Schultz, Trevor Morgan, Nicole Nordeman, Wisdom's Cry, Mark Schultz, Andrew Peterson, Eric Peters, Ben Shive
2001 - Geoff Moore, Trevor Morgan
2002 - Bebo Norman, Paul Coleman Trio, Bebo Norman, Joy Williams
2003 - Steven Curtis Chapman ( sister had me run and hand him a portrait she painted, while he was singing at the Family Arena. Scariest thing I've ever done. He liked it and said thanks!)
2004 - Matthew West
2005 - Paul Coleman Trio
2006 - Bebo Norman, Roshare Norman (his sweet wife), Aaron Shust, John David Webster, Geoff Moore, Greg Long and Avalon
2007 - Jars of Clay
2008 - Hmmmmm. What happened here?
2009 - Apologetix, Mitch McVicker (invited him to mid-mo via email and found a church to do a concert. Advertised for concert/edited, printed and spread fliers. Listed as Production Assistant on Always Believe album for my donation.), Sarah Palin (I met her at a book signing), Jason Gray, Downhere, Lanae Hale
2010 - Downhere, Mission 5:16, Aaron Shust, Downhere, Newsboys (Michael Tait, Duncan Phillips, Jeff Frankenstein, Jodi Davis), Caleb Chapman, Julia Chapman (his sweet wife), Will Chapman
2011 - Brandon Heath, Bebo Norman, Jason Gray, Caleb Rowden and band, Brandon Heath
2012 - Brandon Heath, Katie Harbison, Jason Ingram (Love Your Neighbor in TN), Brandon Heath, Micah
2013 - Jason Gray, Andrew Peterson and Jason Gray, Dara MacClean, Andrew Peterson and Caleb Chapman, Will Chapman, Jillian Chapman (Will's sweet wife), Bebo Norman, Gabe Scott, Geoff Moore, Jars of Clay

2013 - Via my online blog interviews/emails/tweets: Jerry T-Wack, Mali Korsten, John Tibbs, Fourfold, Christopher Shawn Shaw, Joe McClean, Dan Macaulay, Angela Bertone, Bryan Duncan, Ann Gabhart, Susan Shearer, Covenant31 and more in the works unannounced! 

Ya' think entertainment blogs might be in my blood? I think so...
I certainly got passed the starstruck stage...except for in rare cases. ;)

Chatta Latta!

BlogTraveler Deb

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