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A New Spin on a Golden Sound for the Christian Music Scene


A Facebook DJ Deb Artist Exclusive 1-on-1 with up-and-coming band Fourfold…

About Fourfold:

First off, Here’s a little listen for the readers. Fourfold – Perfect In Me (live)

Fourfold has a very distinct sound. Reminiscent of the golden age of the Christian music genre: the ‘90s. 

When bands and artists such as 4Him, Geoff Moore and the Distance, Petra, The Newsboys, DeGarmo and Key, Jars of Clay, DC Talk, Point of Grace, Audio Adrenaline, Avalon, Plum, The OC Supertones and MORE! competed for the Dove Award scene.

It was this sound that caught my attention because there is very little on the Christian music airwaves today here in America, that carries this 90s throwback sound. It is a sweet sound to those of us who remember watching the bands listed above gain popularity as they looked to their music forefathers such as the likes of The Gather Vocal Band, Larry Norman, Randy Stonehill,  Sandi Patty, Carman, Amy Grant, Twila Paris, Toby McKeehan of DC Talk and others for grandfather advice. 

Q - So, your band is from Tuscaloosa, AL. What got you guys started?

A – We all met in college (University of Alabama) by chance. Jared and I (Chase) had several classes together. We all had backgrounds in music and played in a variety of contexts, but we shared the same passion for leading worship. Jared and Patrick had been playing with Fourfold for some time, and I began to fill in temporarily. Drew came into the picture shortly after that. I guess you could say it just stuck at that point. Ha. We became close friends, and the band/ministry started gaining momentum. We’ve been doing it ever since.
Q -  Who is the band comprised of?

Left to Right:
 Drew Swindle, Jared Shepard, Chase Butler, Patrick Norton
A – Chase Butler (me) as lead singer and rhythm guitar player. Jared Shepard as bass, background vocals, and keys. Drew Swindle as lead guitar. Patrick Norton as drums.
Q - What is the meaning of your band name Fourfold? And can we call you “the fourfold band” or just “Fourfold”?

A- Well, we would definitely prefer just Fourfold. Haha. The band name has evolved and changed over the years, as different members have come and gone. Fourfold, however is here to stay. It has roots in different ideas and parts of the Bible, particularly Revelation 19 and the fourfold hallelujah. Where we are at right now is a place of reevaluation when it comes to the name, though. It’s funny you should ask … we were just having this conversation the other day at our band retreat. Just as my name is Chase, or your name is Deb, Fourfold is something to call this group and the mission it carries. More than the meaning of the actual name, we want our mission to speak for us, which I think we’re getting to later in the interview.
Q- Are you guys a regular worship band at your local church? If, so, which church/where?

A – We lead worship for an interdenominational college group that meets at First Wesleyan Church here in town. Each of us is a part of other churches (Emmanuel Baptist, Calvary Baptist), but this is where our primary opportunity to serve has been over the past year.
Q – When did you guys begin as a unit of friends/bandmates?

A – College. Like I mentioned before, Jared and I randomly had some classes together. A few conversations  and a brief meeting in a local coffee shop where I accidentally joked about jorts (which the guitar player at the time was wearing…and what I am currently wearing) later, we were a band.
Q – Do you consider yourself a “boyband”?

A – We are definitely all males, and we consistently play music together. So yes, I’d like to think of us at that. You’ll never see us with matching outfits, bleached spiked hair, and hands-free mics mounted to our heads, though. We are by no means the One Direction of the Christian world.

Q – Does your band have a frontman or band leader who speaks at the concerts/interviews for the band? If so, which member? Or do you tag-team it, like 4Him used to?

A-  Yes. I have that role. Each one of us brings something very different to the table, and this happens to be my area of leading. In most contexts, I’ll be the one speaking. However, most of what I am saying is something that all of us have discussed together before at some point. Right behind me would be Jared. He and I do most of the communication with people we work with and serve.
Q - You guys are very connected, having links to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and iTunes on your website’s front page. Do you have any other social media sites/connections (Soundcloud, SongKick, Kickstarter, etc)?

A – On the homepage of our website you will see a blog feed. That is pulling from our Tumblr account, which is fourfoldmusic.tumblr.com. It’s a good place to follow what the Lord is teaching us, and to see new and exclusive content of what’s coming up. Other than that, we don’t really update anything else consistently.
Q – I see your tour page has some SC dates along with Alabama. Have you toured many others of the United States yet?

A – At this point in our career, we’ve primarily had opportunities in the Southeast. Our goal is for there to be no limit or end to our geographic coverage. The SC dates you are referring to are for the camp we will be at for about six weeks this summer. We’ll be serving at Lifeway’s M-Fuge in Charleston. We are willing to travel just about anywhere.
Q - Your music has a sound specifically reminiscent of Wes King. Were your talents in any way inspired by his influences growing up? Have you gotten that before?

A – That’s actually the first time we have gotten that. I can’t say that I’m too familiar with his music, either. I know that’s probably not the answer you were hoping for. Ha. But…I would be happy to share a few of the influences that have affected myself as a songwriter and the band as a whole: Phil Wickham, Jon Foreman (Switchfoot), Tim Hughes, Josh Garrels, Aaron Keyes, Mutemath,  Paper Route…the list goes on.
Q – Your band sound is also a bit reminiscent of more recent bands as CALEB (the Chapman Family’s sons and now daughter in-law) which has influences of Coldplay, Switchfoot and of course, Steven Curtis Chapman roots. Have any of these bands/musicians influenced your current style?

A – Coldplay and Switchfoot for sure. I know Steven Curtis Chapman paved the road in many ways for what we do, but I can’t say that I was a devoted fan.

And now – for the Facebook DJ Five. The Five Questions I ask everyone I interview... 


Q – In 5 words or less, who/what is your target audience?

A –  The last, least and lost … or … people in search of hope. We had a fun time thinking of five phrase answers. Ha. It seems that we are primarily serving youth and college students at most events we do now. That’s not to say we’re limited to things like that, though.

Q- What is the mission of your music?

A-  Create divinely inspired music for the glory of God to strengthen the Church and move the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

Q- What result would you want to see happen by the listeners of your songs? (5 yrs, 10 yrs, tomorrow?)

A- In general, we want the music to help people know and make known Jesus more, plain and simple. We want to see long term discipleship. We want to raise up other worship leaders, and we want to see the Church grow. Of course, we have ideas about how many dates we would like to play every year, what would be a good growth to forecast for sales, etc. We’ve learned that most of our planning or expectations are futile. We just know the Lord has called us to work hard, pursue excellence and trust that He is faithful to carry us through. His love and provision has surprised us and been more than enough. We know He will continue to provide. To sum it up: serve in a church as worship pastors, disciple other leaders, and travel part of the year playing music.

Q- What’s your life Bible scripture right now?

A- I’m sure that answer would be different for each of us, but for me right now Psalm 63:3-4 is a good example of worship being a response: “Because your steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise you. I will bless you as long as I live; in your name I will lift up my hands.” 

Q- Who is Jesus to you?

A- Fully God, fully man, the uncreated Creator, Savior of the world who is worthy of all glory, honor and praise.

Q- Is there an email or street address where Fans can feel free to email/mail you and connect with you for more inquiries about God, your music or yourselves?

A – Our email address is management@fourfoldmusic.com. We are more than happy to receive messages from our fans and followers. We try to be adamant about responding to everything we receive, so any post or tweet online we will read directly and replied to.
Thanks to Fourfold for the interview. Here's what they would like to share with the fans in closing...
We will be releasing a new single at the beginning of this summer through most online distributors. Be on the lookout. We would love to lead worship at your church or put on a concert for your upcoming event, but our calendar for 2013 is quickly filling up, so please get in touch with us soon! For further details about booking, please go to fourfoldmusic.com.

Also! Fourfold is currently in the studio working on a BRAND NEW single titled "Our King" RELEASING JUNE 4th on iTUNES!!! Keep an eye on the link above and Twitter for details!

  ~~Photos and Album Artwork Courtesy of management@fourfoldmusic.com~~ 

So Fourfold Fans… Go FIND and Follow this new golden gem of the Christian music genre, just waiting to splash onto the airwaves near you! On Facebook, Twitter @FourfoldMusic , YouTube , their website http://www.fourfoldmusic.com/ and their blog http://fourfoldmusic.tumblr.com/ !!!! 


Buy your original copy of their FIRST EP, The Great Love and their Paradox single so that YOU can be the one to say. “I was there at the beginning” when these guys (if the Lord wills) find themselves performing in the Grand Ole Opry!!!

And this has been your Artist Exclusive 1-on-1 with Facebook DJ Deb and Fourfold! 

Tune in next time on this same Blog Page for something else! Very awesome I’m sure! 

Chatta’ Latta! 
Facebook DJ Deb

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