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Artist Exclusive:1-on-1 with Bryan Duncan and BlogTraveler Deb

Those of us who remember the sweet soul jazz sound of Bryan Duncan, growing up in the ‘80s and ‘90s on his music, already have a full-fledged impression of him. He is an amazing and talented veteran Christian musician who has a heart for Jesus, his wife and family as pure and true as the ring of his songs and smooth vocals.
Bryan Duncan’s Hits (& video links)
Who doesn’t remember greats like “Love Takes Time” Video, “A Heart Like Mine” off the collaboration album My Utmost for His Highest, ’95. “Yes I Will”, “Strollin On the Water”, Caribbean Dreams and earlier hits like Blue Skies, Traces of Heaven, Whistlin’ In the Dark, etc.  Goodness! Good flashbacks. The whole Mercy album should just be linked here. Here’s the best I can do with someone’s Bryan Duncan YouTube Playlist.  …And he could scat like NO other on the Christian airwaves!!! For instance…Looks A Lot Like Me. Reasons to buy his ’95 Christmas album, Christmas is Jesushere. Not even 4Him could jazz up Christmas classics like Duncan (no offense, Andy, Mark, Kirk and Marty). Besides Clay Crosse, Bryan Duncan was the whitest blondest jazz/soul king on the Christian airwaves from the late ‘80s, ‘90s, and on through the early 2000s!
Photo by Mark Jordan Photography
Q - So, Bryan, tell us about your latest venture, your first independent release, Conversations. The Kickstarter campaign, your enthusiasm with social media, and these live concerts online…
A –  I have to thank Christopher Redner at Timeless Management/Make it Timeless Inc. and his diligent management skills for literally all of the past four years that we have been building a new paradigm for making and distributing music. It was he, that introduced me to the internet possibilities. In the beginning I was just a “Twitter-aholic” for the fun of chatting people up. “Reddy,” as I call him, showed me how we could turn it into an effective career tool (with a lot of work I might add).
 1.  Conversations Independent Release: It was humbling when I realized I was  David up against the giant - an independent artist trying to compete with big record labels. I had fewer expectations, so everything felt like winning the lottery! I was astonished that our efforts landed I See You on the national charts.
2.  Kickstarter Campaign: Our first ever crowdfunding effort was a huge success. Kickstarter gave us a platform to present our dream to the public and track the response. This was a turning point where I realized that not all changes in technology lead to unemployment!
Photo by Mark Jordan Photography
 3.  Enthusiasm with Social Media: This is a custom fit for me, as a lover of dialogue, insight and humor. I love words, as much as music frankly! The turn of a phrase, and the adventure of seeing a new perspective is my primary joy in life! Instant interaction with others from all over the globe is making the future more interesting.
 4.  Live Online Concerts: We looked at this avenue as a great way to reach a scattered audience of music lovers in locations where we had no promoter willing to bring me in. It is awesome in that it eliminates all the travel and time invested to get to a location for a concert. The best part is the parallel chat room where viewers can talk during the show and meet new people. Last time I did a concert of this kind we had people from five countries! Plus, I was home on the last note of the last song! (I do these concerts from a sound stage in my house. It’s called the Soul Furnace).
The BlogTraveler Five Q’s – The Five Q’s I ask Everyone I Interview…
Q – In 5 words or less, who/what is your target audience, now?

A – Reasonably-tech-savvy spiritual seekers

Q- What is the mission of your music today? Has it changed? 

A- I hope to encourage faith through words and music. No, it has never changed but perhaps there is more emphasis on words I’m adding book publishing to my endeavors.

Q- You have certainly already lived to see the results…perhaps you can share some. But, looking forward, once more…What result would you want to see happen to the listeners of your songs? (5 yrs, 10 yrs, tomorrow?)

A- I hope they will gain spiritual insight that would change the quality of their lives and effect the relationships they have with others.

Q- What’s your life Bible scripture right now?

A- Psalm 119:11: “The sufferings you sent were good for me, they cause me to consider your principles”

Q- Who is Jesus to you?

A – He’s my ‘assurance’ provider!


Photo by Mark Jordan Photography
Q - So your fans can find you on Facebook, Twitter (@Bryan_Duncan), YouTube and your website and can purchase Conversations on CD BABY, ReverbNation and on iTunes. Do you have any other social media sites or connections aside from what we have seen in the quote at top from your website?

A – You can buy the deluxe version of my new CD Conversations (21 songs and lots of bonus features) at We’ll send you extra stuff like mobile phone apps, videos, interviews and more. You can get a shorter/basic version of the album on iTunes, CDBaby and ReverbNation.

Q- Is there an email or street address where Fans can feel free to email/mail you and connect with you for more inquiries about God, your music or yourself?
A – Contact me on Facebook or send snail mail to 231 E. Alessandro Blvd. Ste A PMB 234  Riverside, Ca. 92508

Thanks to Bryan Duncan for the interview. Here's what he would like to share with the fans in closing...
A – Stay in touch with God through prayer and someone else through sharing. Conversations promote sanity and spiritual health. Keep your sense of humor...God loves the laughter of his children.
Okay Bryan Duncan Fans New and Former!
Go out and BUY Conversations on Follow him on Twitter, Facebook and the links provided above and be uplifted by his 5-minute #SpokeToGod devotions! And also his #IFollowJesusbecause tweets!
Who knows… you might even be brought to laughter, the medicine for the soul, by reading his Twitter musings about his plastic house plants! 
And most of all, keep Bryan, his family and his music ministry in your prayers and players!
Photo by Mark Jordan Photography
Artist Bio on Duncan 
Bryan Duncan started performing professionally with the Sweet Comfort Band and recorded six albums with them before launching a solo career. 

He has released 14 solo albums, including his new album Conversations, and three more with the NehoSoul Band, selling in excess of 1.2 million records and videos.

Duncan was inducted into the Christian Music Hall of Fame along with Amy Grant and Al Green. His recordings have been celebrated with four Dove Awards and one Grammy Award.

Duncan's enthusiasm for riding his custom Harley Davidson was fodder for his first book, "Hogwash" - humorous reflections on motorcycle madness. He authored two more books. He describes "Dear God…Really?" as prayers you won't hear in church and "Spoke to God. He Said…" as a five-second devotional.

“It's no secret that I'm a social media enthusiast," says Duncan. "I love interacting with people on FacebookTwitterYouTube, Indiegogo, ReverbNation and my website. "I'm a conversationalist and an external processor," he says. "The inspiration for my books and many of my songs have come from conversations.

"I love people and share my experiences and my relationship with God through my books, music and social media with the hope that others will experience Jesus' love, grace and redemption as I have," says Duncan.

Duncan leads Radio Rehab, a charity he created to support recovery programs. Radio Rehab programs are available online and on several radio networks, including the Armed Forces Radio Network.

For more information contact Christopher Redner, Timeless Management.

Timeless Management
4815 SW 330th CT
Federal Way, WA 98023    
Phone: 253-874-8400  
GMA Dove Awards
>   1996: Special Event Album of the Year for My Utmost for His Highest (various artists)
>   1997: Inspirational Album of the Year for Quiet Prayers (My Utmost for His Highest)
>   1997: Special Event Album of the Year for Tribute – The Songs of Andrae Crouch (various artists)
>   1999: Long Form Music Video of the Year for My Utmost for His Highest – The Concert (various artists)

For more information contact Christopher Redner, Timeless Management.
Artist bio courtesy of Christopher Redner. Album Cover Photography and other photography courtesy of Mark Jordan Photography (see his site:
And this has been your Artist Exclusive 1-on-1 with BlogTraveler Deb and Bryan Duncan! 
Tune in next time on this same Blog Page for something else! Very awesome I’m sure! 
Chatta’ Latta!
BlogTraveler Deb

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