Sunday, January 27, 2013

Okay well... This weekend I didn't get that writing assignment done I spoke of on Twitter for that screenplay contest...BUT! I DID get an assignment for an album cover art contest for up-and-coming Christian musician, John Tibbs done!

(Shameless plug for John Tibbs Here)

Now that you have visited his site, you know what all this is about...What? -- You didn't go there?... (taps her fingers) Okay. So you visited now, aaand you also saw his FREE download for his FIRST EP at NoiseTrade ( Here ), so we are ready to show you the entries I sent for his latest EP titled "Run Wild (In My Soul)".

Drumrolls...aaaand here it goes!

(Deborah Dickson images. 2013 John Tibbs Run Wild Cover Entry1)

(Deborah Dickson images. 2013 John Tibbs Run Wild Cover Entry2)

Well...wish me luck! And, the prize is...if I win...he uses the cover. (just in case you didn't visit the sites above...jus sayin'). Mr. and Mrs. Tibbs are not paying me to drop a good word. I really DO just like the music. And...I am an avid Christian music fan. Which is why they call me, Facebook DJ Deb. ;-) Enjoy his music! And all the best to my rivals in this competition. May the Lord's will be done. And may the best cover win!!!!

Facebook DJ and Christian Album Cover Artist,
Chatta latta!

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