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Next Page with Angela Bertone and BlogTraveler Deb

An interview with Tomorrow’s NEXT BEST Christian short story author!
Angela Bertone
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Okay…so. Let’s get the readers acquainted.  You’ve written 3 books thus far. Self-published. Your first being “Good Mourning Sunshine,” a memoir paperback to challenge readers to think outside of the box about life, healing, emotions and of course their Creator and redeemer, Jesus Christ.  Your second, a short-story children’s midrash of Mary (the earthly mother of Jesus) “Mary’s Christmas” about a young Mary who raises a lamb without blemish. The third book is also an illustrated children’s short-story, “The Lion and the Lamb and the Promise Foretold,” a new spin on the telling of the resurrection.  

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Q - Okay, back to the blog…So tell us about yourself, Angela… 

A -Well,  I am a wife and mother.  I have been married to my best friend for 28 years.  I have two children, a son 23 and a daughter 21, and two grand daughters ages 3 and 5 months.  I am passionate about matters of the heart and help others to deal with difficult emotions.  I love public speaking and inspiring others to seek deep intimate relationships with God through their sorrows.  We can not escape sorrow and Jesus is the King of the broken hearted so what better place to guide others to help them overcome the sorrows that this life brings.  I also love the outdoors and hunting and fishing with my husband.  All of my writings so far have this common thread about matters of the heart and [...] understanding sorrow and suffering with a purpose.  I have often been called a spiritual cardiologist because of this. 

Q -What/who inspired you to write your first book?  

A -There are multiple things, people who have inspired me.  For years I have volunteered and taught on matters of the heart in classroom settings and women’s retreats.  Often helping women deal with the sorrow of loosing a child and or their spouse.  For years people have asked to buy my books, but I had not put any of my work into book form.  So at the encouragement of friends, students, my mom and my husband in 2011 I published my first work Good Mourning Sunshine.   
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My husband really stayed on me for weeks.  Both of us became convinced that this was the time and God was moving on us to do this.  I had no idea what I was doing but I just read everything I could find on the how to and followed each step one at a time until the talk was completed.  I have learned a lot and I am still learning, but I am determined to continue and if I make mistakes along the way so be it.  If I fall, I will just get up and keep going.  Each time I complete a book I learn something new and I am getting more and more confident each time I accomplish a new work.  If you like I can also tell you about my Mother and how she inspired “Mary’s Christmas” and how at the request of Scott Innes the voice of Scooby Doo led me to its creation. 

(Readers, for more on this back story, hear the full audio to this interview, here!)

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Q -They call you the Spiritual Cardiologist… Tell us a little bit about that title…

A -I mentioned before that I hosted many retreats for women who lost their children and or their spouses to death.  During these retreats I required these women to walk through their most difficult times in their lives.  This was for the purpose of dealing with emotions that were bottled up inside of them and often debilitating them.  I have worked with women who had not cried a tear in over 7 years and another who had not sang a single song since their loss.  By going deep into their pain and helping them to begin the healing process they were able to weep and sing.  They would tell me they felt like I had performed heart surgery on them and this was a recurring response voiced by many:  Thereby earning me the name “Spiritual Cardiologist”.

Q -With no degree but a desire to write, what kept you going?  

A -After I wrote Good Mourning Sunshine the letters, phone calls and personal interaction with my readers was so amazing that I am compelled to continue.  I have had couples tell me their marriage was saved,  others spoke of forgiveness that flooded their heart after years of being locked in resentment.  While others express their gratitude for a deeper intimacy with the lover of their soul “Jesus”.  In addition some have called to tell me they were living in abusive relationships and had been running from God due to their guilt and shame and that Good Mourning Sunshine had given them strength to return to God and escape the abuse.  These kinds of responses are humbling and I am forever grateful to make a difference in the lives of others.  My desire is to be used of God in any way He chooses.  This is my passion. 

Q -It is my understanding you carry on a full-time job that involves much traveling. How do you find time to write?  

A -Yes that is true.  It is very difficult, but when you are driven from the inside and you are filled with passion, you make time to write.  I have dreamed for years to speak, teach and write to help others who are hurting.  Relationships are what makes this life worth living and today 51% of all marriages end in divorce and this breaks my heart.  Family is very important to me and we all suffer some sort of dysfunction.  I hope to bring attention to this and help myself and others overcome and find wholeness and happiness in our relationships.  This takes place in the heart.  I speak on matters of the heart for this reason.  I write at night, on weekends  pretty much any chance I get.  Furthermore, when I am not traveling and I am at home, I am pretty much consumed with writing, speaking, book signings etc.  It is what I love to do.  

Q -And how do you keep calm and keep carrying on? 

A -I am not sure what you mean by keep calm but I am driven to carry on every time someone shares with me how something I said or something I wrote made a difference in their life.  Success to me is being an inspiration to others.  This is my inspiration.
Hear a more elaborate answer to this on DJ Deb's audio interview!
Q -What would be your message in a few short words to readers who may struggle with a passion for the arts, yet carry on with full-time employment? 

A -The truth is not easy to hear, but if it is your passion then you will steal away to express your heart every chance you get.  It is a matter of what is important to you.  Everyday I spend time with my Lord and my husband.  I see my children every chance I get, often changing my plans just to steal away to see them.  If possible I will rearrange my day.  If that is not possible I use one of my best accountability partners to make sure to spend time with the ones I love.  I put it on my calendar.  This really works for me.  I also realize that I have learned that if there is something in my life that is robbing me of my dreams that I must begin to take steps to redirect my path so that I can do the things in this life that really matter to me.  The question is “how bad do you want it?”

 ~                ~                         ~                               ~                                          ~ 

And Now….The BlogTraveler Five. The five questions  asked to everyone I interview…

In 5 words or less, who/what is your target audience? 
Primarily people who are interested in their spirituality and relationships first with God and then others. 
To the children… my work is designed to build character: Endurance, integrity, compassion and resolve to be all that God has created us to be through Christian Fiction.
To adults and teens… my work is also designed to do the same but on a much deeper spiritual level.  My work is aimed at those who want more tha[n] systems and rules.  My work is for the individual who craves passion and relationship, both with God and those they love.

What is the mission of your books? 

To teach that sorrow is not something we can escape in this world.  In this world we will have trials and sorrow, but Jesus is the King of the Broken hearted and I endeavor to teach how through these times of sorrow we are in a place of great change and deep relationship if we are courageous and face our storms instead of hiding, surviving or attempting to escape them.  Escape is an illusion but transformation is found in the storm. (Hear her illustration about an eagle flying into the storm, near the end of Part 2 of the audio :)

What result would you want to see happen by your readers? (5 yrs, 10 yrs, tomorrow?) 

Deep passionate relationships with God.  Deep lasting and meaningful relationships with others.  I hope that my work as an author opens doors to travel and speak to inspire others. 

What’s your life Bible scripture right now? 
His faithfulness endures forever.
Psalms100:5 For Yahweh is good, and His love is eternal; His faithfulness endures forever.  And  
Joel 2:13 Rend your heart and not your garments. Return to the LORD your God, for he is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love, and he relents from sending calamity.      

Who is Jesus to you?
He is my all.  The lover of my very soul.  There is nothing and no one on whom I can rely except him.  He is faithful.
~                             ~                               ~                                                   ~
Hear more elaborate answers on my SoundCloud audio interview!
Moving Along, Angela. 
You have so many layers.

Q -So…a writer and a speaker too?... Can readers book you for an event at their church? 
A -Yes.  When I am home I get booked very fast.  So if someone is interested it is good to book me early. 

Q -If so. Is there a general email or contact address where they can reach you?
This is also on my website or they can send me a message on Facebook.

Q -Are you willing to speak in churches all across the U.S.?

A -Yes
Q -I understand you travel with your husband. Is he supportive of your writing?

A -He is the reason I published GMS when I did.  He stayed on me day in and day out encouraging me and telling me that God was telling him to help me along.  He also is a great critique.  He reads my work and pushes me to make my work the best it can be.  I am truly grateful for his support and direction

Q -Which is your personal favorite of your 3 books so far? 
Those being;
(hear more about this book in Part 3 of the audio interview!)

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A -Oh my.  They are like children to me.  I have no favorite.  They each have a life of their [own] and each of them touches on matters of the heart that are dear to me. 

Q -I hear tell that you have another book on the way. Can you give us a sneak-preview of what it might be about? And/or when it’s due to release?

A -I actually have 2 more on the way.  The final in the Christmas trilogy  “Mary Did You Know?” Which is the culmination of Mary’s journey into motherhood and her realization that she has given birth to the “Lamb of God” the Savior of the world.   The other is a book about a little acorn named Rooty Eike and his journey from a little acorn who is blown from his mother's tree branch and what he must overcome to become a Majestic Red Oak like his mother. 

Q -How many years have you been pursuing writing? And What is your favorite thing about writing?

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A -I began writing poetry in high school but it was not until 2011 that I published any of my work.  My favorite thing about writing is seeing the difference it can make in a person's life.

As far as your more recent work is concerned…

Q -You were telling me that your children’s books were chosen for a Christmas stage play, debuting this December. Tell us more about this…

A -The Louisiana Center for Theatrical Arts has chosen my trilogy for their Christmas play 2013.  It will debut at the Reimers Auditorium  in Hammond, LA on Dec 19th and 20th at 6pm and in Hammond at The RegionalArts Center on Dec 21st at 6pm and Dec 22nd at 2pm.  It is a full length play and auditions are set for Oct 19th.  The location and time are not confirmed yet but will  be posted on my website as soon as possible.  The name of the play is “Mary Did You Know”.  We will acquire sponsors and be selling tickets soon.  This is a great honor and I know many will be touched by this heartwarming story. 
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So your readers can find you on Facebook, Twitter @AskAngelaQ and your website
Q -Do you have any other social media sites or connections? (MySpace? YouTube? Kickstarter? Soundcloud?)

A -Not at this time.
Q -For reader inquiries about God, your books or yourself, can they feel free to email you at the text box provided on

A -Yes.  When I am home I am able to respond quickly, however when I am deployed it is very difficult and I hope my readers understand.  I do however, respond even if delayed when I am not deployed. 

Q -On your website fans can see your latest short video interview on your blog page.  Those who want to watch can click the link above. Do you have a YouTube channel?

A -Not yet but that is a goal of mine. 

Q -Finally, Angela, what are your closing remarks about what’s coming around the bend for you and your writing career? 

A -In closing I want to say thank you.  To you and to everyone who has taken the time to purchase my work, share it with others and a special thank you to those who actually write and tell me how my work has impacted their lives.  This is the fuel that keeps my fire burning.  I am always so touched and moved by others experiences.  In fact due to my readers response[s] I am actually working on a study guide to accompany GMS and I hope to have it completed sometime next year.

Thank YOU Angela Bertone for the interview!

Go ahead and Follow the links above to find her on Twitter, Facebook, and where you can buy her books and read more about her journey!  

Author Bio on Angela
Those who have studied Angela’s teachings have called her a “spiritual cardiologist”. She is a bold and often blunt speaker who seeks ways to broaden her reader’s vision through inspiration. She takes joy in being a wife, mother, and grandmother. Angela retreats to the outdoors and has a passion for teaching on spiritual topics.
Angela Q. Bertone has taught on the subject of the heart and spiritual matters since she was 19 years old. Through the years her leaders have asked her to teach on many subjects and to people of all ages. As a businesswoman and mortgage consultant she has earned the respect of her community, her customers and her colleagues.
She has also held healing retreats for broken women who have suffered the loss of their children and/or spouses. Angela counts these requests as an honor and has done this work as a volunteer. 
Angela was born and raised in Livingston, Louisiana, and is one of six children. She gives honor to her mother, and credits her with passing down the art of storytelling. She finds joy in remembering her mother’s gift for crafting her own original stories, as well as for bringing the tales of others to life by providing each character with a unique voice. One of Angela’s childhood favorites is the tale of Br’er Fox and Br’er Rabbit, from a full-color, illustrated hardback version of Joel Chandler Harris’s Uncle Remus.  
Angela followed in her mother’s footsteps and often performed “dinner theater” with her children. She dressed herself and her children as different story characters while they shared lunch and watched movies. She even spoke in character as she served her children, hoping to pass on her mother’s traditions and her enthusiasm for storytelling. Today, Angela is fulfilling her dream of becoming a published author. Her first book is a self-published spiritual/inspirational work called Good Mourning Sunshine.

     ~                                                     ~                                                            ~                    

Book cover, author bio and photos courtesy of Angela Bertone and Tate Publishing.

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