Tuesday, May 5, 2015

"Guesties" : Guest Blog by Christopher Shawn Shawn [How Christians Like You Can Make a Tangible Difference in Media] - Intro by BlogTraveler Deb

Yes folks! It's time for another blog! But considering the pace of life right now (I'll save that for a future blog) I have been asked to provide a forum for Guest Bloggers! So let's do this!!! 

In life- there are Friends, Acquaintances, "Besties" and "Guesties" - This is THAT ONE EXCLUSIVE place where you will find my guesties! Enjoy this informative and interesting blog from my good comrade, Film Director/Producer/Editor/Consultant/Owner Christopher Shawn Shaw! 

I bet you ALL were wondering what he's been up to lately! ;)     -BlogTraveler Deb 
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       If you had the practical ability to assist redemptive filmmakers who strive to raise the bar on faith-based film productions, would you? If your answer is yes, then I have wonderful newsyou absolutely can!
      Tell your church leaders about the NCSFF – Night Of Comedy & Short Films FUNdraiser live event that just may be a fit for them to host. Local business owners within the church fellowship have the opportunity to sponsor the event in exchange for lots of advertising along with and at the event, including the option of Title Sponsor. The hosting church fellowship receives 10% of the ticket sales and 10% of the love offering (with no cap on that amount)! There’s even an opportunity to host Christian Actor Stephen Baldwin as the Special Guest Speaker for the event!

Here’s the direct Web Page to More Information:
This hilarious, family-friendly event can truly be a win-win-win for all involved… and it relies on the Body of Christ working together to not only enhance the filmmaking quality of redemptive stories… It also ensures more redemptive options when it comes to live events and home entertainment!
     You don’t even have to take my word for it alone… Check out the Audience Reactions on the More Information Page!
     Please pray for us, and please share the Web site with your church leaders!
     If you’re a business owner who’d like to sponsor any of the NCSFF live events, you can reach us through the Contact Us Page on our Web site: 
     You can also reach us directly by composing an e-mail to info@NCSFF.com, with additional questions and/or to book the event!
     Be In The Loop regarding various film projects my production company, Anchor Productions, LLC, and I are involved with via my periodic newsletter here:
     Thank you for your time and consideration, your prayers and your shares… and God Almighty bless you richly with ALL He has for you through Jesus Christ!
Christopher Shawn Shaw is an Award-Winning Redemptive Filmmaker who Directs, Produces, Edits, Creatively Consults, Writes, and even Acts.  He is the Founding Filmmaker and Owner of Anchor Productions, LLC (Hebrews 6:19).

Be In The Loop via his periodic newsletter here: http://bit.ly/CSSupdate


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