Friday, February 8, 2013

Facebook DJ Deb’s Artist Exclusive 1-on-1 interview with Tomorrow’s NEXT BEST Christian Techno-Music maker…

theDevilsEnemy - by T-Wack

About T-Wack:

Q – Well, first off, what is your name? Or were you born into a long line of T-Wacks?...Is that German heritage? Just spit-ballin’…? 

A – Jerry T-WACK. There are only 2 of us. A cousin and myself. Now it’s used as an acronym for Totally-Wild And Crazy Kids.

I see that your audience can find your music from your Twitter page, your YouTube channel and your bandcamp page. But all they can find out about you as an artist are the descriptions on Twitter and Youtube, which are (and I quote) 

“An Artist, video producer, musician, and a super hero to my son.” - @theDevilsEnemy


“Go YHWH or go home.”  - T-Wack's YouTube

Q - So, my question here is… Is the lack of info about yourself intentional? OR would you like your audience to know more about yourself as an artist? 

A – I make music the Devils Enemy. Hence the band name. The Internet is a World Wide Web. I’m careful what I put out there.

Q- If so, what more specific description of ‘who you are’ would you like to share about yourself to your audience? 

A – I’m a born again child of God that does not judge others because I’ve not walked in their shoes. I ask in return that I not be judged for my beliefs. 

I don't claim to be anyone. I'm not better than you. In my former life I was a sinner. While I was yet one Christ died for me. If someone deposited $100,000,000 in the bank for me and I never took advantage of it, people would think I'm crazy. God has deposited so much more than that in everyone's lives. Wouldn't we be crazy to not take advantage of it? Ask the Holy Spirit to be in your life everyday and ask for his help. If you do, you'll be amazed or I'll dress in a tutu and walk down Times Square. 

Q – In 5 words or less, who/what is your target audience?
A – Everyone who loves music
Q- What is the mission of your music?
A-To remind the devil that he could still be doing this had he not been filled with pride
Q- What result would you want to see happen by the listeners of your songs? (5 yrs, 10 yrs, tomorrow?)
A-To show them that there is a God who loves them and if you will draw near to Him, He will draw near to you.
Q- What’s your life Bible scripture right now?
      A-     Psalm 91
Q- You claim to be “The Devils Enemy”. Who is the Devil to you?
A-Before Creation he was Lucifer the Leader of Praise and Worship in Heaven before he became full of pride and tried to exalt himself above God and became Satan and was cast down to earth.
Q- Who is Jesus to you?
A-My Lord and Savior, My best friend
Q- Why “The Devils Enemy?”
A-Because I want the devil to know that I have his job now
Q- Why Techno?
A – I’ve tried to incorporate a little rock as well. The next project will probably be one or the other.

 Q- Can Fans feel free to email you at for more inquiries about God, your music or yourself?
       A-     Yes

Thanks to T-Wack for the interview. Here's what he would like to share with the fans in closing... "There will be a documentary later this year that I'm producing that will have interviews of where people were before their relationship with God and how it's changed since." ...Soo... Follow the links above to find him on Twitter, and you can sample his music at his bandcamp site!!!

And this has been your Artist Exclusive 1-on-1 with Facebook DJ Deb and T-Wack! 

Tune in next time on this same Blog Page for something else! Very awesome I’m sure! 

Chatta’ Latta!
Facebook DJ Deb

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