Thursday, November 1, 2012

Brandon Heath Concert - Springfield, MO - October 18, 2012

Deborah Dickson speaks candidly with Christian recording artist Brandon Heath at a concert VIP session

Heath sings to VIPs before the show
It was a night worth far more than I paid. VIP passes allowed my mom, friend and her sons in early for a candid music session with Brandon Heath and about 120 other scattered VIPs.
Photos taken by Brandon Heath's staff were provided and sent to the Brandon Heath Facebook page. Brandon told of the inspiration behind the album (stemming from a C.S. Lewis quote that people are like Blue Mountains) "Blue and mysterious in the distance, but when you get up close, they are brown and green like everyone else" he said.

Later, Heath referred to this and explained his "characters" behind the songs, most of which told stories "from my imagination" Heath stated. He went on to explain that as an author, the songs revealed himself through the characters he created for the songs.

One special moment occurred when Heath sang the one song on the album not written for a fictional character, Paul Brown Petty, (a song written for Heath's Grandfather on his mother's side). The microphones went out as he sang from the back of the audience amongst the concert seats. A silence fell upon the curious audience as they listened eagerly for each next word. He finished this song and the mics came back up.

Deborah Dickson Photography - 2012
Deborah Dickson Photography - 2012

      He returned to the stage as he went on to sing "Dyin Day" (a song written for a character on his imaginary Blue Mountain Penitentiary's death row). "This is a song about a man who is guilty...but is innocent." Heath stated in a serious low voice as he went into the ballad.

The concert covered almost every new cut from Blue Mountain and all of his hits. After the last song, he returned with all acts that had previously joined him on stage for the sake of the audience which was still standing and applauding. The encore was truly a good 35 minutes if not 45. A very worthwhile experience.
Heath's feet during a song. ~ D. Dickson pics, 2012

Heath's guitar before show. ~ D. Dickson pics, 2012

Give Me Your Eyes. ~ D. Dickson pics, 2012

I give Blue Mountain two thumbs up and would have to be honest that if you don't buy it - you are missing out! Visit Brandon Heath's Website for more info! For more concert photos see my Facebook page. My Facebook Springfield Concert Photos Page

Be Blessed!

Debbie D. 

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