Thursday, November 1, 2012

Taking On A Great Adventure

Colorado River, Grand Canyon, U.S.A - 2011 D. Dickson

Well ... Small ordeal anyway. Yes. I have decided after some prayer and chit chat that I am going to submit a song of mine to .
So any prayers anyone wants to send up would be appreciated. :)

The picture? ...oh, that is just from another time when I embarked on a great adventure with my friend and my sister. But I'll save that for another blog. If I blog at all about it.

But indeed I have decided on submitting what I consider is my best song to the above linked contest. However, for lack of knowing the whole copy rights bit, I will post a lesser of one of my songs so you readers can have an idea of my songwriting that is touted all across every page of social media I am on. So here goes. This is one of my not-so-best songs.

So Many needing Souls                 D.R.D                 5/19/06
There’s a soul crying
There’s a soul out on the road to dying
Jesus, hold these lonely souls to You
Jesus, take these lonely hearts Your Truth

There’s a flowing River
There’s a healing touch
Sent by the Giver
Jesus wash these lonely souls for You
Jesus take these lonely hearts Your Truth

‘Cause (Repeat V 1) (or music)

There’s a wayward stranger
There’s a heart who’s always filled with anger
Jesus heal these lonely souls for You
Jesus take these lonely hearts Your Truth

‘Cause (Repeat V1 again)

Last Line
Yes, Jesus take these broken hearts Your Truth

            Well there it is. So, now you have seen  one of my songs, BlogWorld. Have a great weekend!
            DD (Or sometimes Just Deb)

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