Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Next Great Adventure

So, you all knew from my earlier post that I submitted my best song to a Christian song competition.

Well.. I have just discovered a competition for Film scripts! Yep. The Steeltown Film Factory (based out of Pittsburgh) (Steeltown FilmFactory General Rules ) is now accepting early entries for a 12 page screenplay set in the great city of Pitt! ...Oh the picture above? That's just so there's something other than white space at the top. It's me and a couple Christian artists I've met over the years... Anyway!

Since the Burgh is my Grandma's stomping ground, I am comfortable and joyed with this setting. I already had a movie plot set in a university town. It's a drama, but not the one I posted about earlier. This will be a great readjustment to the story, and it even enhances the characters quite a bit. So, what I need from you readers, again, is prayer. Just that whatever God wants to happen with my entry happens.
Where I was when I wrote some of this plot

What I looked like while writing it. ha ha :)

That's all. I don't really care if I win or not. It's just a cool opportunity. I also need help with getting the time and gumption to squish and format my plot into a 12 page film. I have already pulled together a draft of key parts. But I just need to locate my paper copies of the scenes and dialogue and type them up correctly into the software I have which formats the script into a knock-off (and FREE) version of what Final Draft does.

Some help on finding the proper ways to format action segments that show time passing, I could use that too. So, any comments on where to look for that, would be great too! :)

So...if you all could keep the Steeltown Film Factory competition in your prayers for me, that'd be sweet!


Be blessed!

Debbie D.
Screenwriter ;-)

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